Experimental Study on Rational Water Injection Rate in Continental Sandstone Reservoirs

Manping Yang1, , *, Lu Jiang1, Shuxiang Guo1, liming Zheng, Ling Meng1
Petroleum Engineering Department of Yanshan University



In this paper, an experimental model of water flooding was designed and manufactured, and experiments on high permeability and low permeability models were carried out.


The relationship between injection rate, injection pore volume multiple and oil displacement efficiency, injection rate, injection pore volume multiple and water content in two kinds of permeability was analyzed.


Through analysis, it was concluded that the oil displacement efficiency of artificial rocks with various water injection rates was different even in the same permeability experimental model. There is a certain relationship between oil displacement efficiency and water injection speed. There is a reasonable water injection speed, which can achieve the highest oil displacement efficiency. The lower the permeability the lower will be the reasonable injection rate . In the reasonable range of water injection rate, the injection rate increases gradually, and the best oil displacement effect can be obtained.


It was indicated that the water flooding recovery of the reservoir can be improved by using the method of strong injection and strong production in the middle and later stage of development.

Keywords: Sandstone reservoir, Water drive, Injection rate, Injection pore volume multiple, Oil displacement efficiency, Permeability.

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Year: 2019
Volume: 13
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Electronic publication date: 27/09/2019
Collection year: 2019

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Fund Project: National Natural Science Foundation of China “Study on unstable water injection mechanism and parameter optimization design of heterogeneous reservoirs” (E0403-50804041)
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